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Are YOU Available?

This is the season of Lent & most are now talking about what to give up for the next 40 days in observance & remembrance of this sacred time. I'd like to take another approach this year.... What are you willing to take on for the next 40 days?

I know that the blog title & the intro NOW have you totally confused as to where this is going's ok, I assure you I'm being led to lead you (&myself) to the connection.

Back to the thought.... Instead of focusing on what you can give up, I challenge you to consider taking on the sometimes daunting task of establishing & consistently maintaining opportunities to meet with God. In the busyness of day-to-day life be AVAILABLE for an appointment with the Lord...every, single, day...

There is a song that's been ringing in my heart for a long time now..

"Lord I'm available to You, my will I give to You. I'll do what You say do. Use me Lord to show someone the way & enable me to say... My storage is empty & I am available to You"

Do we really want to do what He says? Be led for real? Be used to change this worsening world? Can we really empty our agendas? Our way of doing things? Our focus? our, our, our, OUR? Are we ready to be AVAILABLE to the ONE who created us & have us purpose even when we can't find it?

We do have busy, time-consuming lives but I've found, personally, that my capacity for stretching when I have to find extra space on my already full my plate of responsibilities is never really maxed out. We just keep adapting to what MUST get done (or what we WANT to get done... #liveintruth).

Why can't or won't we do the same with our spiritual relationship/time with the Father? Could it be that we don't TAKE the time vs we don't HAVE the time? Is it that we know God is faithful & promises never to leave or forsake us even when we are less than faithful to our responsibilities? When we look at it in that light are we possibly taking advantage of His grace? God forbid!

When we purposely meet with God in our place of solace, we won't have to worry about what to temporarily give up for a season of remembrance. Our consistency will provide opportunity for God to shape & mold us into a reflection of Himself...letting go of things we don't need. Our lives will be the real demonstration of what the Lenten season represents.

If you must focus on giving up something this year, try something different... Focus on giving up excuses that keep you from carving out quality time with God. Much was given so that we may have a right to the tree of life.

We may not have paid the price for this free gift of salvation but a price was surely paid! What will you do with your present?


Let me know what you think!

***Be sure to connect with me on social media by clicking the links on my website. Purchase, share, stream, & enjoy the music from the CD entitled "You Deserve My Praise". God certainly deserves our praise!

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