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Learning While on the Journey

Good evening my good people. I wanted to take a second, on the heels of an awesome day of celebrating hearing my new song Faults on the local radio (Yaaayyy), to share lessons I'm learning while on my journey.  I've often played "big" moments out in my head with the expectation that when the thing comes to pass it will look just like it did in my head.... HA! NOT! 

I know I'm not alone & God probably has the best entertainment lineup in Heaven as He watches & listens to us go on & on about something He ALREADY PLANNED before we were even thought of by our parents. 

So what lesson could have possibly sparked me to write at this late hour? I believe I'm learning to see what lies right in front of me immediately....To enjoy the moment to the fullest no matter who else is or is not dancing with you.  I have an audience of One... As long as He is celebrating with me that's all that I really need.  I love that God has blessed me with people that I need not see or talk to every single day for them to genuinely pray for me, celebrate with me, cry with me, & support my endeavors.  I'm blessed & I don't always notice or take the moment to notice because of how the moment played out in my own head.  That coupled with the flesh's innate ability to try to (incorrectly) play connect the dots with pieces from past events/encounters. 

I used to ask God "when does the 'as you would have them to do unto you' kick in from the 'do unto others' scripture"? The reality is I may never see it or feel it but my job is still to DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM TO DO UNTO YOU. 

So while I'm learning to love & appreciate those I  have in my corner, I encourage you to do the same... then live in your moment... each moment... Thanking God & your people EVERY step of the way.  

Finally, don't stop being your supportive self no matter what because "truth be told" it makes you feel good to GENUINELY sow into someone else. 

So, have an #attitudeofgratitude even when the minor details don't look exactly like you pictured it. 


B4ever Blessed! 


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